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We're a monthly podcast featuring conversations with experts in a particular belief system, it's followers or it's history. This includes religion, philosophy, anthropology and the sciences. We occasionally upload bonus episodes that are less structured and may stray into other territories.

Please reach out to us anytime with questions or feedback by contacting us.

If you do use one of our talks in your work, academic or otherwise, please provide accreditation by citing Truth & Belief, as well as the publication date of the conversation, so that other people interested in our talks can find us. Just use common-sense when citing Truth & Belief, we won't come after you or anything.


This project is most directly the result of our curator and host, Drew Hicks. Drew is a writer, outdoorsman, and in his day-job, a marketing and public relations director. He lives in San Antonio, TX.


Our Mission

Truth & Belief is a series of conversations about what humans believe to be true. We don't take a particular position or represent an individual faith. We happily sit down with scientists, the religious, the agnostic, even the openly hostile and controversial. The goal is to promote an understanding of the way in which people conceive of their own identities, their consciousness, morality and the world around them.

In a word, we promote curiosity. 


Recognition of Bias

While we try to stay as objective as possible, it would be unrealistic to believe that we come into these conversations without the perspective of our environment and upbringing. Whenever possible, our curator and host strives to remain objective. Neither the choice of our guests or the line of questioning we take with them is intended to offend or promote any one view point. We hope to remain optimistic, critical and civil in our discussions at all times.