#3. Dada Gunamuktananda

From medical student to self-sufficient homesteader to a dedicated member of Ananda Marga, the man called Dada Gunamuktananda has been a quest to discover his true self. In our conversation, we spoke about his personal story as well as the beliefs and practices of Ananda Marga. Based in the teachings of P.R. Sarkar, the society teaches a two fold path of personal and social excellence through practical means. Literally "the Path of Bliss," Ananda Marga mixes the oldest traditions with the latest information to produce what its followers believe to be the maximal expression of living.

While we didn't get to all the questions I had in our time, I think there's a lot here to think about. Dada was also kind enough to lead us in a guided meditation. I hope you enjoy. 

Dada left us with some links to more information on Ananda Marga, if you're interested:

A link to the Ananda Marga meditation course:


Ananda Marga's eBooks Page:


A link to the meditation that Dada guided:


Some Ananda Marga mantra singing:


And, if you enjoyed it, the background music to the guided meditation provided by Dada: