Photos from Fireside #0

So Adam and I got together to chat about Hearths and Beliefs and share a few drinks in the first Human Caste Fireside, a regular special podcast we want to do. The idea behind Fireside is that all the Human Caste hosts would get together once a month and "turn inward" sharing with each other all the things we've been learning and hearing.

Unfortunately, a solid 50 minutes into an amazing conversation, your's truly spilt his IPA onto his laptop. The bad news: we lost the whole episode because our software doesn't backup along the way. The good news: Apple builds in a moisture sensor that shuts off your computer and saving yourself the cost of another MacBook Air.  In another sense it's also a good thing because the newest member of the Human Caste will be joining us on air for a Fireside this week, and it only seems right to have the whole family together for that announcement. It's a good way to kick off the Fireside series. 

So, two goods and a bad. I'll call that a win. Sorry I can't share the episode with you, but here's some pictures of me and Adam and our ugly mugs. You can also see a book that I pulled out to do a reading from. I'll try to bring it to the next Fireside cause Shunryu Suzuki had to get involved in our chat. 

Oh yeah, and I'm the one in the blue baseball hat. 

The Human Caste

If you've checked out episode 3, you know that I mention the Podcast Network that Adam Gates from Where the Hearth Is and I have started. We call it the Human Caste (with an E!) and I thought it might be good to share a little bit about the thought behind it.

Adam and I both wanted to have conversations and tell stories about the ideas that make up our lives, about changing and evolving ideas that make us, well, Human. Truth & Belief focuses on consciousness and the quest for meaning by asking guests to answer questions like: What is moral? What does it all mean? How is the universe ordered?  What's the point of life?

Adam's show (which, seriously, go listen to it, it's a blast) covers architecture and how we interact with the built environment. It's everything from design to regulations, to the meaning we put into the spaces we dwell in. Together we wanted to form a podcast network that talked about these big ideas in a way that was thoughtful. We wanted people to enjoy exploring these topics with a curious (rather than judgemental) mind. 

We use that word "curious" all the time, me and Adam. It's optimistic, it's lighthearted and it's humble. It's a big part of what it means to be human - we're basically curiosity and adaptation machines. And yet, alot of media comes at us with firm opinions, hard facts, yes or no questions, or combative language. 

Hope you dig the Human Caste stuff so far. More to come soon, including the announcement of a third show that's joining us.

Conversation 3 with Dada

Just uploaded our third conversation, this one with Dada Gudamuktananda. He's a member of a group called Ananda Marga, a syncretic group that mixes ancient Indian tradition with more contemporary ideas and sensibilities. 

I had never heard of Ananda Marga before I encountered Dada, but it's a really interesting group. They have a storied past, from their Guru's imprisonment for his Socialist beliefs to their current work helping victims of the Nepalese earthquake. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Where the Hearth Is, Episode 6

I recently appeared on Adam Gates' podcast Where the Hearth Is. We had a great talk about the mission of Truth & Belief and of his podcast, on the relationship between the built environment and belief and we even got into evolutionary biology. Adam is a great guy and we laughed a lot during our talk, owing somewhat to the very nice bottle of wine we were enjoying. Plus, I dropped the "f" bomb (again, probably owing to the wine). 

Stop by Adam's site and give it a listen. We're thinking about making these collaborations more often.